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Who are we?

Aquincum Incubator is one of the leading startup development centers in Hungary. The incubator was founded by Hungarian and American entrepreneurs, business angels and experts who have launched, managed and successfully exited from a series of startups in Hungary, in Central Europe and in the USA. Our incubator is a unique, structured meeting platform between startups, business angels and competitive business entities.

How can we help?

The aim of the Aquincum Incubator is to help passionate and visionary technology entrepreneurs showcase their early stage projects and become successful in international markets, by making its knowledge base, investment capital and broad relationship network available to them.

An important element of the incubation program is transferring the ability to turn an idea into business. In possession of the experience gained from successful businesses, founders and experts of the incubator can substantively contribute to the success of incubated companies and help them overcome obstacles to their development.

Our incubator received accreditation by the Hungarian National Innovation Office (as one of only 4 incubators in Hungary) for the 2013-2023 period. As such, our portfolio companies are eligible to take advantage of Hungarian startup grants amounting up to $500,000 per project.

Who and how to apply?

We look for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and commitment in the fields of IT, mobile communication and biotechnology. We have a rolling application process. Applicants can apply by filling out the application form below and submitting it to office@aquincumincubator.hu címen lehetséges.

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Dear Candidates,

we wish to inform you that the application for Aquincum Incubator Programme 2015 has closed, additional entry fields have been added to upload portfolio.
At present we are working on the development of framework for the 2016 program, further information on this will be available on our website.
It is possible to submit applications before establishing criteria. However, please note that response may take longer than usual.


Aquincum Incubator Management