We offer the following services to our portfolio companies

Business incubation services

Strategic planning business model, go-to-market, financial planning

Market analytics market, competitor and risk analysis

Coaching business administration, marketing, IPR, business development

Investment and financial advisory valuation, preparation for seed, VC and “Series A” funding, intermediation of investors

Finance administration accounting, payroll, domestic and international tax consultancy, controlling

International business development “door opening”, piackutatás, exportfejlesztés

Coaching, mentoring

Business Consulting

IPR consultancy in legal and industrial property matters necessary for the protection of intellectual property, patent agency services

HR recruiting, temporary employment, executive and operative search, interim management, management services, management training, coaching

Communication PR, marketing, design

Legal services legal consultancy services in domestic and international legal matters

Grants management consultancy and management relating to domestic and H2020 tenders